Tarnowskie Gory – silesian parks and palaces worth seeing

Cycling route from Katowice to Tarnowskie Gory and lots of interesting places nearby.

A route to Tarnowskie Góry from Katowice and coming back the same day is not something unachivable for avid cyclists. In my view it can be concerned as a perfect cycling route as it rewards us with many interesting places and beautiful views. Also, there is no need to ascend a lot. Check what is worth seeing in that area!

Total distance: 188 km
Public ways: Yes
Difficulty: Moderate

We have decided to go to Tarnowskie Góry for camping, but it wouldn’t be a problem for us to come back the same day, because from the place where we live it is about 70 km and from TV Transmission Tower in Katowice – 45 km there and from. What convinced us to go with a tent, was a small camping in the vicinity of Repty Śląskie. To be honest, we decided to go there out of curiosity and thanks to this we were able to visit more places in the area of Tarnowskie góry – these are must-see ones we visited en route from one location to another:

  • Świerklaniec Park
  • Tarnowskie Góry – main square
  • Repty Śląskie
  • Zbrosławice
  • Rybna Palace
  • Brynek Palace
  • Stare Tarnowice
  • Koszęcin Palace

See the description

Day 1. Katowice – Tarnowskie Góry – Repty

From TV Transmission tower we were going to Michałkowice and then to Wojkowice towards Wymysłów, because we wanted to achieve Świerklaniec Park from the lakeside. There is an alternative route from Katowice via „Zabie Doły”, but personally I advise against going this way as it in not prepared and you will have to struggle with muddy paths, which can be troublesome for cyclists on trekking bikes. When it comes to our route via Michałkowice – the road is plain and the only ascendances are in the area of Wojkowice and Dobieszowice.

Once we rode by park in Świerklaniec, we took the first turn right and were moving towards the main square in Tarnowskie Góry via Nowe Chechło. In Tarnowskie Góry we had dinner at Wiśniowy Sad restaurant – very pleasant one as we were allowed to go into the restaurant’s garden with our bikes 🙂 After dinner we went to Rybna Palace for coffee and then to a splendid Brynek Palace. Unfortunetely, there is no cycling path to Brynek and the traffic was very heavy that afternoon. All in all, it was worth going there, as this place is a real must-see in my view.

Then we turned back from Brynek to Rybna and cycled towards Repty and Zbrosławice, where we stopped to buy some food for the evening. The last point on our list was lovely Camp9.

Camp9 Nature Campground

This small but very nice camping has been set up by travellers, who are also film makers. If you are searching for swimming pools, loud music, barbecues or beer gardens – this is not the right address. What the camping offers, though, is what we miss the most in everyday life – peace and serenity, nature and the atmosphere of a real relax.

namiot na campingu

The place is very neat and arranged tastefully. I was under the impression that I had been transferred elsewhere outside of Poland and camping’s cosmopolitan atmosphere only made it real to believe. So special was the ambience, that we spent almost whole evening talking with foreigners – it is very likely that you will have an opportunity to practise some English there 🙂 The camping’s guests were mostly Dutch and Czech people.

camp9 naturecampground

Day 2. Repty – Koszęcin – Katowice

I found it hard to leave Camp9 and the temptation of staying there to sunbathe all of the day was really huge, but eventually I have managed to find some motivation to go to Koszęcin, which was about 30 km from our campside. The way via Brusiek is much better than the alternative via Kalety, as the latter is alike the one to Brynek the day before and the traffic is really heavy. There are some cycling paths in Kalety, though, but not all of the way. The route via Brusiek is more cycle-friendly, and you go both by cycling paths in woods and public roads where traffic is not an issue. If you are fortunate, like us, you will see herds of roe deers.

sarny w lesie

After cycling to and from Koszęcin (about 60 km), where we visited the palace and had dinner, we headed back to Świerklaniec for coffee, which, as we all know, is a cyclist’s best friend. This gave us enough power to cycle for another 35 km to get back to our hometown.

See a description of interesting places below:

Świerklaniec Park

It is a beautiful, vast and full of nature wonders park nearby Tarnowskie Góry, very popular among families. The park itself can be a travel destination thanks to its location by the Świerklaniec Lake. You can spend your time here wandering, have a picnic or coffee in neobaroque palace, which is a remain of so called „Little Versailles”, the wonderful palace that was destroyed during World War II and put down in 1962. I also recommend visiting the Chapel of Good Schepherd.

pałac kawalera w Świerklańcu

Main square in Tarnowskie Góry

Little city square, where you will see a lot of beautiful, old buildings, like the town hall dated back to 19th century and the well with remains of antique pavement. There are restaurants and cafes around the square, but we went to Wisniowy Sad restaurant nearby, which resembles an Italian tavern. Tarnowskie Góry city is also well-known for its Silver Mine, which we visited on other occasion.

Repty Śląskie

Repty Slaskie is famous for its centre of physiotherapy, but also for Repty Park, where you can visit old mineshafts Sylwester and Ewa, which are part of the Black Trout Adit. Visitng the adit is a real adventure as you go through it in a small boat.


Zbrosławice is a small town in the vicinity of Repty, remarkable thanks to its horseback riding traditions and marvellous countryside views. Its microclimate is believed to be helpful in treating breathing and nervous problems – I have also came across a term „Zbroslawice’s Switzerland”. There are hills and hillocks, which I will never forget as we had to ascend there a little before having some rest at a campside.

Palace in Rybna

Rybna palace was built in 1796 and it is only 7 km from Tarnowskie Góry. Nowadays you will find there a hotel and a restaurant with small park, ideal for having coffee. There are multiple concerts organised in the palace as well as conferences and weddings. Very peaceful place with a special ambience.

Palace in Brynek

For me this palace was the biggest surpise as I was not aware of its existence, but in my view it should be on a “to see“ list. This eclectic building and its surrounding could be a scenery of any film. Nowadays there is a dormitory for students of local high school. In the summer, when we were there, it was empty, and very few tourists were wandering around. Good choice for people who do not like crowded tourist attractions.

Palace in Stare Tarnowice

This palace we visited earlier on, but we also passed it en route from Repty to Koszęcin. Stare Tarnowice Palace was built in 16th century but renovated and really brought back to life in 2000 by private owners, Ms and Mr Smolorz, and since then many tourists travel there to see their collection of stylish furnishing which decorate antique interiors. You will find here a restaurant and a hotel as well as museum and palace’s foundation. Concerts and meetings are also very common here.

Koszęcin Palace

Park w Koszęcinie

We have been planning to visit this restored palace for awhile. The building dated back to 17th century is a location of Polish famous song and dance ensemble Slask. This is where their preparations take place along with concerts and meetings. The palace is surrounded by pleasant park, however, when we were there, hardly any tourists were to be seen, but it might be due to extremely high temperatures at the time.

Other places worthwhile seeing

We have not managed to visit Chechlo-Naklo lake (it is a stone’s throw from the Nowe Chechlo while cycling to Tarnowskie Góry) and the palace in Toszek. We could also add another beautiful palace in Pławniowice to our „must see list” – we were there this year and I would recommend everyone having dinner in Panorama fish restaurant.

Pławniowice palace
Pławniowice palace

No wonder that foreign guests stay in the area of Tarnowskie Góry as there are so many places attracting tourists and also cyclists. There is still a lot to be discovered in silesian region. Despite being there only for a weekend and cycling almost 200 km, I felt like on a real vacation!

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