Varenna – a paradise by a glacier lake

Last summer in Lombardy it wasn’t neither Milan, nor Bellagio that stole my heart. I got stuck on a charming port in Varenna Como Lake in Italy. Why?

To cut a long story short, the port in Varenna is a place where…

  • „Do not cross the yellow line” at a train station becomes a real challenge

Line on the station

  • The time stops ticking in Villa Monastero and you realize that you can stay there for hours simply observing the garden

The Garden in Varenna

  • You spend money on little things. Just to taste these delicious strawberries…

Strawberries in a basket

  • You will go up a hill despite extreme heat to see the view from the Castle of Vezio

The view from the Vezio Castle

    • You make thousands of photos that look almost the same

The view from the ferry

  • You will return within a couple of days to see Villa Monastero again and…

Sculptures in the garden

…once again you will find yourself trying not to cross the yellow line at the station.

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